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For every 500 entrants, DREVO will give away 1 BladeMaster. For instance, we will have 10 winners when we reach 5k entrants. Winners will be selected randomly and announced in this thread. It’d be nice if she got some way to help her survive instead of being 100% glass cannon.My ideal buff for her would be to make her more like the new Sonia evos: give her a static 1.35x HP/RCV multiplier (about 1.8x when you’re doubling her up as your leads) for other blue cards, give her a similar damage multiplier when you match three blue combos but also give her a 20 25% Shield for two blue combos. That way it’s easier to activate the shield to survive, even if you can’t get the big multiplier out of her.Granted, I don’t know about how to balance things here. I just know what my ideal leader skill for her would be and that I want to use her without dying when I can’t OHKO the enemy off of her multiplier (which again.

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buy canada goose jacket cheap It started shuttle service GrabShuttle in March, and rolled out Canada Goose Online carpooling service GrabShare last December.all private hire car drivers will require a PDVL by 1 July. canada goose uk black friday Both companies announced schemes in March to assist their drivers in doing so.Tan said that Grab is «well prepared» for the transition. Asked how the company plans to address the potential shortfall in drivers, given canada goose uk shop that not all of them will choose to qualify for a PDVL, she said, «That’s exactly why we’re investing heavily canada goose black friday sale into shared mobility GrabShare, GrabHitch, GrabShuttle, GrabCoach. buy canada goose jacket cheap

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