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Democrats want moncler jacket online the black vote, so instead of empowering them, they keep them content with government assistance. Instead of getting them out in the workforce and bettering themselves, liberals want to keep them down.

cheap moncler sale Democrats want the women vote so moncler outlet online they strategically place planned Parenthood in cheap moncler coats for women low income areas to make it discount moncler jackets look like they are helping (Margaret Sanger was a HUGE racist and was very pro eugenics against black people). (I also not against abortion as a whole, just against late term when they rip the fetus apart)

This is such a moncler outlet dangerous argument. Essentially what you are saying is that it is okay to do moncler outlet woodbury so, because the democrats moncler jackets canada would do it too. At what point does it stop? Do you see the problem moncler jackets with moncler jackets mens voting for a two party system rather than who aligns moncler coats for women better with your beliefs? These can be the standards you want representing YOUR America. Why put up with this shit just because you are a Republican or because the democrats would do it too? Literally let the moncler outlet ny world burn just for the sake of not moncler outlet store letting the other party win, instead of taking a stand and improving your party for your kids.

cheap moncler coats sale moncler Truth is, republicans deserve better. Regardless of which side you are own, Republican are some of the most loyal and dedicated group buy moncler jackets toronto of supporters moncler outlet usa there are and you have been treated moncler jackets on sale like shit for that dedication. You had that loyalty used against you. Trump is making a mockery of the republicans and not just to the democrats, but to the world. You have leaders from other countries literally cheap moncler jackets wholesale making fun of him to his face in front of live news. womens moncler jackets He made a laughing stock of the Republican party but it okay, because «the democrats would support Obama too.»

cheap moncler jackets rhineauto 782 points submitted 8 days ago

That the crazy thing about alcohol. Guy outlines how he literally can live without it, seems resigned to the fact that it killing him, and then says «I think after tonight. I moncler outlets sale realized I want to stop.» (emphasis on the think is mine.)

I was alcohol dependent to the point that it was destroying my life, and am coming up on five years sober. In my mind I wanted moncler chicago to stop a bunch of times, but never did because I could still sort of function. It cliche but it took my own personal rock bottom for me to finally get sober. Everyone different.

And if anyone wants to stop drinking or is concerned about their drinking or whatever, check out /r/stopdrinking, it helped Moncler Factory Outlet me big time.

moncler sale Shinbiku 2 points submitted 8 days ago

Sounds like she might be in the pre contemplation stage and not quite ready. Very rarely does forcing someone into treatment moncler jackets toronto stick. It might work short term, but until they recognize they have a problem (i know that is so cliche chances are they will not only revert to their old ways, but try to make up for «lost time.» I seen people who successfully completed a 90day inpatient treatment and drank on the train ride home.

I know it comes from a place of caring and worry for your sister. I know you want to do everything you can to fix the problem, but honestly at this point, just being a strong support (and not enabling her) is going to help her more than forcing her into something she doesn believe in. Some tips:

moncler outlet online Don tell her what she needs to do. Nothing makes someone want to dig in harder than someone telling them what they need to do. True finesse comes from helping them realize that it is their decision to chance and that is both thankful and a hard job. Therapists spend their entire professional lives learning how to hone that skill.

moncler outlet store Set moncler coats cheap boundaries and don budge on them. People hate boundaries and get mad when they are set and want to test them. Tell them what the repercussions are for crossing the boundaries and these need to be enforceable. (IE If you steal from me, then you are no longer allowed in my house.)

buy moncler jackets Be supportive, but not enabling. Do encourage them moncler coats even when their successes are small. Do treat every attempt as an honest one, regardless of how many time they fail. Don give them money under any circumstances. If they need something, buy it for them. Don allow them to walk over you and do as they please. Be firm with what you are not okay with.

monlcer down jackets I helped people with moncler outlets usa schizophrenia, Asperger major depression, social anxiety, all find employment. Being a trained mental health professional meant I moncler jackets men could offer mental health services on the job, at your home, or in the office depending on your needs. I personally helped people find employment as Janitors, factory workers, teachers, moncler jackets cheap RN and even engineers.

moncler sale outlet I say Registered nurses and engineers finding a career in their field, despite moncler outlet mall having a serious mental illness, is exactly what op was asking. However due to HIPAA and the love for my field, I don feel comfortable going cheap moncler into specifics.

Shinbiku 175 discount moncler outlet points submitted 8 days ago

moncler outlet sale As someone that used to help people with severe mental health issues or learning disabilities find meaningful/competitive employment; Individual Official Moncler Outlet Placement and Support (IPS) is an amazing program. Not only do we help people find competitive employment (meaning its a job everyone can apply for and not just specifically set aside for people with mental health issues), but we support them for up to a year if they need it. This means I work directly with employers (if you choose to disclose) and cheap moncler jackets help you maintain your job. I help build resumes, fill out applications, and moncler outlet uk in some rare cases even sit in on interviews. We don just place you anywhere like most job specialists do either. For the government to fund our program, the job placement has moncler coats for men to directly relate to your wants and needs that are determined before hand (with your signature.)

I helped people with schizophrenia, Asperger major depression, social anxiety, all find employment. Being a trained mental health professional meant I could offer mental health services on the job, at your home, or in the office depending on your needs. moncler outlet online store I personally helped people find employment as Janitors, factory workers, teachers, RN and even engineers.

moncler mens jackets This is an evidence based program developed by Dartmouth College. The data shows that people with serious cheap moncler jackets outlet mental illnesses who find meaningful employment experience a decrease in symptoms (win for them), reliance on government assistance goes down (win for the government) and in many cases, the company gets tax breaks if the client has a disability or SSI (win for the employer). Even though I moved on to counseling once I graduated, I can not speak more highly of a job than I can of IPS. That is truly an amazing program that helps so many people.

cheap moncler coats EDIT: More info! (Also this is an international program btw, not just limited to the US.

Shinbiku 15 points submitted 11 days ago

They do, and many of the people below say they moncler jackets outlet online do it rarely or only https://www.moncleroutletssale.com when they very hungry, moncler jackets kids which isn true. Lions are pack animals and very good at what they do. They use the best tools for the job. Male lions often take part in the hunt of the larger slower animals, like Buffalo.

cheap moncler outlet male lions that are within the pride set up will be needed in the hunt when they are required to take down prey that is too large for the females to hunt on their own, such as Cape buffalo, giraffe and even elephants in certain parts of Africa. Their strength is needed in this time and moncler outlet location they are certainly an asset in this regard. So in this instance they will definitely hunt, however, in these circumstances they will seldom rely on their camouflage and will often merely present themselves to a herd of buffalo for instance, and then a game of chess ensues. With repeated charges from both parties until one makes a mistake, often the buffalo, which will send the male in to pull down the prey.

Females usually do all the hunting when the animals are small and fast, like gazelle. Also male lions typically take part in Hunts, regardless of the animal, if the hunt takes place in wooded areas because they don have to rely on long distance speed as much as they do power and short bursts of speed.

moncler outlet «Male Lions don hunt» is it another one of those Circle Jerks that everybody has heard and upvotes but no one actually researches. Which is really unfortunate, because they miss out on very interesting readings as well as understanding exactly how smart and awesome these moncler coats for cheap animals really are. They literally use the best tool for the job, and it fascinating to learn that they use the male moncler outlet canada lions strength and power when needed.

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