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The fact that you are counting individual character backpacks only proves my point.Also, different builds require different stats on the same sets, your maths only quantifies for a single at of each, you also not including billions of different attachments, weapons, gear mods.Nice to see you didn read the part where I said double the number for PvP builds. And no, mods don count because they don take up space when slotted in to gear. If you drowning in useless mods, I said straight away, learn better inventory managementI shouldn need to log out and log back in to compare my mods on a different character, you talking out your ass.Inventory management does need work in TD, I do agree on that point (and guess what, in TD2 weapon mods are unlocks instead of individual items so that point is even fixed for you).How does this relate to what I said? Why shouldn people be able to access the same core content for a base price? Why is there always some hidden bullshit behind a paywall or grindwall?They aren’t splitting the player base with paid DLC or have any pay to win items so there is nothing to complain about.Yet historically multiple companies have had shit that splits the playerbase.

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