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Just because Pathfinder grants a big buff to Herald of Agony doesn mean it going to be the only Ascendancy that uses it (see: Elementalist Herald nodes and how tons of builds in the game also use Heralds)Just because Pathfinder grants a big buff to Herald of Agony doesn mean it going to be the best Ascendancy that uses it (see: Assassin not being the only Class people go for to make a Crit build)34656691 2 points submitted 1 day agoThat rare crab was a massive outlier. And I don understand how the majority of baseline difficulty will be the same as the current hardest difficultly (which as you say is you just blowing them up like paper bags), like if you still blowing up the mobs in a «T18″ Delve then you can just easily continue to progress. That how infinite scaling works, you keep going until the mobs out scale you, and when they inevitably do out scale you they feel more like how they did back in 2012.

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