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It been said that in business, loyalty is for suckers. But in the narrative rich world of sports, loyalty is a major selling point. It good business. If «you have to beat the best to win» is a good defense, then why have seeding at all? Why does practically every tournament in the world (even video game fighting tournaments) use seeding? Because the season best teams are supposed to get an advantage. That the whole idea. And Chicago/St Louis/Dallas bitched the year before that.

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yves saint laurent replica purse Concerns are growing over Newcastle’s winless start to the season and Rodgers is reportedly one name in the frame to take over from the Spaniard should he not inspire an upturn in fortunes.The Irishman may well have ambitions to return to the English Premier League. It can be written with certainty he suffered a summer of discontent at Celtic due to the board’s failure to match his own ambitions in the transfer market.But would Newcastle have an allure for him?If Celtic’s transfer dealings in the summer window frustrated Rodgers, he should ask Benitez about his at St James’ Park.Tellingly, Newcastle were one of only three clubs in the Premier League to make a profit in the summer.They raised the second highest amount in transfer fees but were the fourth lowest spenders and boasted worth of ysl replica jewelry profit when the window closed.In fact, the Geordies spent little more than a relative pittance in the world’s richest league as Benitez and owner Mike Ashley ‘s ysl replica belt relationship continues to be strained.The 58 year old manager only spent money on five players and ironically one of them was Fabian Schar, a target for Rodgers.Ashley, meanwhile, is a reviled figure for Newcastle fans, which comes as no surprise to Rangers supporters.Despite you could try these out appointing Benitez in 2016, he has met the former Liverpool manager only four times, with the latest rendezvous involving a free holiday for the players if they managed to avoid relegation.This was not an offer that went down well with Toon legend Alan Shearer, who wrote in his column for the Sun: «Mike Ashley offering Newcastle players a free holiday if they avoid relegation is an insult. If I was a player at that team dinner on Wednesday and he offered me that, I would have told him to shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.»I would have said, ‘Instead of spending money on a holiday spend it on the football club and back the manager!’ As a player, that might give me hope and extra motivation that we’re all in the fight together.»You don’t need to be a mind reader to know Benitez’s feelings about Ashley.He has made repeated digs at the s Direct tycoon yves saint laurent replica purse.

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