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In moncler saldi uomo the coming weeks we’ll get back to outlet moncler our lists of book ideas for your home library, but summer is the perfect time to be a reading magician. I believe there is a book for every child, and today we’re going to reveal the secret to finding the book that sparks a love of reading for your kids Ready? Think like a children’s librarian!

When you ask a librarian to help you find a book, he or she will ask you a couple of questions to narrow down their moncler outlet online uomo recommendations to books that might work. These are questions you may know the answer to, but if not, they will give moncler outlet you moncler bambino outlet something to think about moncler saldi outlet the next time you and your child share a book.

What does your child like? The best place to start is with a topic or subject that interests them. It can be trucks and trains, sports or sports heroes, or things they like to do: be a ballerina, climb trees, etc.

What will your child do with the book? In selecting your books, think about how you plan to piumini moncler scontatissimi use the book: moncler outlet online shop will you read with her; is this a book that you’ll both read or will your son read it independently; or do you want her moncler saldi to explore the book, regardless of whether there is any reading.

Does your child like books of a certain size? Some kids like thin books; some don’t mind longer books, but the chapters have to be short; and some want the fattest book they can find. Even if a book looks «too easy,» don’t discount it. If something grabs him in this book, he will reach for another one to learn more.

And finally, pictures. What kind (if any) illustrations do they like? Art in a book is a matter of taste, just as it is in a museum. Children’s books are filled with abstract imagery, collages, photography, bright colors, dark hues, and more. What kinds of imagery seems to keep your daughter’s attention? What makes your son ask you to close the book?

You’ve piumini moncler outlet probably noticed that I didn’t ask «fiction or nonfiction?» Knowing your child’s interests, your reading goal, moncler uomo and what they like to see in a book will help guide that decision. It is the logical next question, and I know there are others.

So, what would your next question be? Librarians, we’d love to hear your suggestions on ways piumini moncler outlet that parents can prepare for finding the «it» book before they get to the library.

The answer for finding that «perfect» book comes from the non book things your child loves. By tapping into that passion, the odds moncler donna are pretty good you can find that wow I want to read some more book. And they will think you are the world’s greatest magician because you read their minds!

If you find that there is a glitch trying to post the comments, send me an email and I will update this post. [terry {at] thereadingtub [dot} com].

Picking up on Pam’s themes of enjoying the summer by trying new things, I thought I would share some of those magical, unplanned moments we’ve had this year.

Like many of you, we get our book fix at the library, and LOVE the summer reading program. This has always been «our» time, but this year, we’ve been taking my daughter’s BFF with us. Her friend (a rising second grader) is an avid reader, but had not visited piumini moncler uomo our local library. [She has 5 older siblings . need I say more?]

The two girls have had a wonderful time, and all three of us really look forward to our weekly «date.» During moncler bambino saldi our three visits to date, the girls have (without fail)picked up picture books left lying around and read them aloud to each other.recommended books to each other;searched the online catalog for books with their names; andlooked for books with two copies so they can read it at the same time.

It is the last point I find most fascinating. Like many short chapter books for the early elementary audience, the stories rely heavily on dialogue. The girls are instantly drawn to these books and piumini moncler use them as scripts. They decide who is going to be which character, and then read their «parts» aloud.

This isn’t a new idea, but it may be a new way to keep the kids connected with books this summer. Partner reading with you, a friend, or siblings is a great way to keep them engaged with books. The key is to keep the reading fun, so don’t fret about the «right» reading levels or vocabulary. Keep them excited about reading and the rest of it will fall into place naturally.

Sharing our library time beyond «just us,» has has added some wonderful magic to our summer. My daughter and her BFF are exploring everything the library has to offer and stretching each other’s interests. They will have great memories of things they did together, and so will I. Summer can’t get much more magical than that!

This post is part of a series about what children’s librarians do all day. Very few people seem to know what the job entails, so I thought I’d shed some light on this wonderful and often misunderstood field. Got a question about something a children’s librarian does? Please post it in the comments and I’ll feature it in one of my upcoming posts.

Do you know moncleroutlet-i what a flannel board story is? That’s when you tell a story without the book, using pieces of felt moncler outlet trebaseleghe to represent the characters. Teachers and children’s librarians make these all the time. A felt story can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. You can make five felt apples (or anything else), put them on the flannel board and do a song or a story about them. But then there are those small or out of print books that you really want to give a second life to.

Start by picking a book. Okay, this sounds easy, but there are only certain books that work well as flannel board stories. They have to be repetitive and have a relatively small number of characters. The book I picked for this one is Blue Hat, Green Hat by Sandra Boynton, because it’s a small board book about important concepts. And, let’s face it, it’s downright adorable.

Once you’ve got your book, making a super complicated, exactly like the book flannel takes no time at all.

Nope, I lied. It takes forever, and then a little longer. But, the good news is that it lasts forever too. You can keep a flannel story for a decade or two (or more!) if you treat them nicely. So, my feeling is that it’s always worth the extra effort to make it great.

Now, this certainly isn’t the most glamorous part of the job. It involves a lot of mess and glue and patience and then piumini moncler saldi more mess, glue and patience. moncler outlet serravalle But it’s incredibly rewarding when the kids see characters on the flannel board that they recognize instantly.

This post is part of a series about what children’s librarians do all day. Very few people seem to know what the job entails, so I thought I’d shed some light on this wonderful and often misunderstood field. Got a question about something a children’s librarian does? Please post it in the comments and I’ll feature it in one of my upcoming posts.

Booktalks are finally over. Public children’s librarians can breath a sigh of relief. No longer will they have to explain the summer reading program 10 times a day.

Because, now it’s time to explain summer reading 300 times a day. Kids from all over come to sign up for the program and each one gets a personal explanation of how many books need to be read, what the prizes are, what the deadlines are, etc. If you poke a librarian in their sleep in mid July, they’ll be able to tell you, without waking up, how many books a second grader needs to read to complete the program and what day summer reading ends.

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