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canada goose store Porch pirate slips and breaks leg

canada goose clearance sale Gore is not allowed: All forms of gore, which includes depiction of serious physical injury involving blood, flesh, alifeoutofdebt bone and internal organs. Please consider posting the more extreme stuff to /r/spacedicks (nsfw), /r/gore (nsfw) or Canada Goose Parka another appropriate subreddit.

canada goose 11. Somehow, these two fuck nuts got it into their heads that I was responsible for them getting kicked out, so they started to harass me, calling at all hours (pre cell phone, no blocking), confronting me in public, trying to pick a fight, etc.

canada goose clearance So I called the police to see if I had any recourse canada goose coats on sale to them harassing me. The police didn have any time for me and basically said there was nothing I could do unless they assaulted me.

Canada Goose online Then one day, these dick wads thought the co Canada Goose Online op was not forwarding canada goose factory sale their mail. They had been expecting a check or something. So they decided to steal all the mail from the house, (about 20 residents), took their stuff and dumped the buy canada goose jacket rest of the mail at a local mall in the bushes. We get a call from the mall and buy canada goose jacket cheap I go down and get all our mail.

buy canada goose jacket I was pissed, I told our mailman the next day and he described the two shit heads, and said he had seen them hanging around when he canadian goose jacket delivered the mail. The mailman told me to call the Mail Inspector.

canadian goose jacket I thought I would be given the run around like Canada Goose online I had with the police, but Canada Goose Jackets went ahead with calling the inspector. I called the inspector, told him the story of uk canada goose the two ass wipes, how they were harassing, breaking shit, the whole story, he didn seem to impressed.

canada goose deals UNTIL, I told him that they stole our mail. He said «They did WHAT?!?! They took the mail?» He asked for descriptions, their address, phone numbers, etc. He was legitimately pissed. He said he would «take care of it.»

cheap Canada Goose I never saw or heard from them again. The calls stopped, no more confrontations, I never even saw them around campus again. It like they disappeared.

canada goose coats Don Fuck with the Postal Inspector, or with the mail, folks. Those dudes take no shitWith first hand experience and video way better cheap canada goose uk than this with Canada Goose sale a full plate number the USPS uk canada goose outlet doesn’t seem to give a single fuck canada goose uk shop about this. I tried submitting locally to the postmaster. He said I had to call an 800 number, then talk to someone a couple hundred miles away at a regional office, then they send this gigantic packet to you and you essentially fill out your own report. I couldn’t submit the video evidence to them because I was told there was no way to upload it. Because you know, that new fangled internet thing still hasn’t caught on everywhere yet. Amazon refunded me and I threw the packet in the trash. If they DGAF why should anyone waste the time?So. I deliver packages for Amazon. A few canada goose clearance sale months ago while out canada goose coats delivering I got to talking with a really nice older guy about this and that, and stolen packages came up. I was telling him how there are people out there that actually follow UPS and FedEx trucks around and take packages after they are left, and he started laughing. He said packages were being stolen in his neighborhood cheap Canada Goose a while back, but he stopped it. He put a box on his porch filled with a brick and packing peanuts. canada goose black friday sale Anytime he was home, he put it out there, and since he was retired, he was home a lot. He had a piece of thread that was tied around the brick, came out a corner of the box and ran up and into his window. It wasn visible at all, unless you knew it was there https://www.alifeoutofdebt.com and really looked. Inside his house the thread was taped to a piece of paper on his coffee table. The canada goose window was open just a smidge, and if the Canada Goose Coats On Sale box was taken, the paper would move. He said one day the paper moved canada goose uk black friday off of the table and he leapt up and peeked out of the blinds. Sure enough, someone was taking his box. He hauled ass out of the house and lit up their car with a paintball gun he had, and also got their license plate number. He said he called the cops, told them where the theft took place, gave them the license plate number and description, and said they shouldn be hard to spot, as they had about 10 pink paint splotches on the right side of their car.

Canada Goose sale There might be a better way to catch porch pirates, but I can think of one. After he left I came down to get it. It was empty. it had a clean cut so I assume they must have opened in in the car before Canada Goose Outlet going to the door. I did not actually see him remove the contents from the package. But I am able to confirm no one came to my door between him going to the door and me going to the door to get it.

Canada Goose Parka The package was even exactly where it was shown in canada goose uk outlet the photo that gets uploaded to amazon. Luckily It wasn anything expensive. Just a $12 dollar wireless charging pad for my phone. I notified Amazon and they were quick to refund and send out a new one. I was just shocked that it happened to me. I really hate drivers like that, though. I can tell you that they get caught really quick and fired. I know a guy who delivered canada goose clearance in a really crappy neighborhood (there are a lot of them where packages get stolen) and he had 3 packages taken on his route. Admittedly, he was lazy and didn hide the packages like he was supposed to he would canada goose store just lay them at the door, but I know the guy; he wasn a thief. He got fired anyway. It wasn the first time he had a package stolen, but even if you aren the one doing the stealing, you get canned because they say you aren hiding them well enough. Strange cause I had 2 delivered and the other was still there. As I’m on the phone with FedEx, I realize the bottom of the 2nd box was cut out and folded back together. They opened it to see if it was of value first.

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