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121 points submitted 6 months canada goose outlet uk canadian goose jacket sale agoI really don get all the moaning. I swear 90% of the f1 fanbase don even understand why it was an canada goose outlet black friday issue. Go on canada goose outlet in usa Twitter and its endless pictures of canada goose outlet reviews some other driver driving off canada goose factory sale the track, no shit. The issue was he drove off canada goose factory outlet the track goose https://www.picframer.ca outlet canada and passed while doing it. The stewards have always been brutal with that situation. I remember canada goose outlet uk a similar situation of Vettel doing canada goose it at Germany 2012 and losing a podium.It was the right move, and no pass off the track should be allowed. canada goose uk shop Do people really canada goose outlet sale care that much about 3rd vs 4th place with no consequence? I mean if it was for a title, sure. But who cares. Its a nothing result. 32 points submitted 6 months agoSo it was necessary to keep Kwjat buy canada goose jacket cheap in a good mood, so Marko increased the pressure on Renault to bring Sainz on the boat this year. At the same time Gasly can get canada goose uk outlet valuable experience for his first full season. cheap Canada Goose And Palmer Canada Goose Outlet now takes a detachment sum (albeit presumably not the full three million), around which he would otherwise have died completely(emphasis mine).Google translate, you don disappoint.Anyways, official canada goose outlet assuming that Palmer did end up with less money than Renault initially offered him. Could it be Canada Goose Parka that Renault did want to sack him in Malaysia, but allowed Palmer one more canada goose outlet toronto Canada Goose Online factory race in exchange for paying him less money? I canada goose outlet jackets mean, that wouldn make much sense, but why would Palmer take less money? 15 points submitted 1 year agoBut even with the measures Tost mentions, it will be difficult to canada goose outlet nyc monitor. For example what if Mercedes:seperates their aero department from the main racing team, forming a new corporate entity. canada goose outlet canada In this example I shall call it «Star Aerodynamics».Contracts Star Aerodynamics to do the aero on their F1 carStar Aero delivers 50 canada goose black friday sale million euros worth of aero developmentStar Aero then only Canada Goose online bills 10 buy canada goose jacket or canada goose coats on sale 20 million Canada Goose Jackets euro way Mercedes could easily cheat the rules. That Star Aero will lose money canada goose outlet store uk doesn really cheap canada goose uk matter, as Daimler could simply fill that gap with money the other 250 million or so that usually goes to the Mercedes F1 team. And with those gigantic legal teams a company like Daimler has, I pretty sure they could make it work. Same story for every other canada goose uk black friday team with deep canada goose black friday sale pockets. 12 points Cheap canada goose jackets submitted 1 year agothere are some troublesome scenarios even if you want to canada goose store do it canada goose outlet in good faith. what if you have an engineer that works for your hyper car and the canada goose outlet uk canada goose outlet online f1 car. if you develop technology that is used for both production car and f1 car. how do you split the costs? what canada goose clearance if you have facilities that are shared? how do you split the rent, the utilities? how do you take the engine into consideration? if you get a discount canada goose outlet store to run a canada goose outlet online uk driver how to you take that into consideration?i don think a cost cap is enforceable. they should focus on technical and sporting regulations that drive it down (like they have done for some time now) 1 point submitted 1 year agoi remember the FIA saying that a crane is never going to be safe to crash into canada goose jacket outlet and that the collision should be avoided rather that make it safer. that was around the time the VSC was introducedIt is not feasible to mitigate the injuries uk canada goose Bianchi suffered by either enclosing the driver’s cockpit, or fitting skirts to the crane. Neither approach is practical due to the very large forces involved in the canada goose outlet new york city accident between a 700kg car striking a 6500kg crane at a speed of 126kph. There is simply insufficient impact structure on a F1 car to absorb the energy of canada goose clearance sale such an impact without either destroying the driver’s survival cell, or generating non survivable decelerations. 14 points submitted 1 year agoI am positive canada goose outlet Canada Goose Coats On Sale shop Rosberg will leave the team if he doesn make canada goose outlet parka the championship this time round. 2 years of coming second fiddle in the championship is bound to affect him some way, Canada Goose sale and it showing in canada goose coats his latest crashes.

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