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into_galactic 13 points submitted 5 hours ago

No. They are known to be people seeking a better life anyway they can by coming to Australia canada goose outlet black friday on 457 visas as «chefs» they canada goose factory outlet have no training and barely understand the language, standards, canada goose outlet uk sale work requirements. Are given little Canada Goose Outlet to no training and their pay is docked so Canada Goose online they have very little canada goose store incentive to do their canada canada goose coats on sale goose black friday sale work canada goose uk black friday even remotely to standard.

Its not canada goose clearance a slight on Indians per se its canada goose outlet parka a slight on our society and economy that we have fallen to canadian goose jacket the point we hire the cheapest, verging on slave labor, from the most impoverished, poorly educated communities on earth.

Indians and south east Asians fit this criteria and despite the obvious racial connotations the general position canada goose outlet canada is entirely legitimate.

vanta_blackheart 0 points submitted 20 hours ago

Sadly, spam is everywhere, but a shitload of grease canada goose outlet Canada Goose canada goose clearance Jackets toronto factory vendors seem to want to flog their Canada Goose sale obesity creators canada goose outlet store uk here.

The thing is, they pushing this low effort garbage into sites like Reddit because canada goose outlet buy canada goose jacket uk they know the ethics of what they doing is under a lot of scrutiny in traditional media. It was a poor attempt at modernizing.

On the other hand the British absolutely canada goose outlet online deliberately killed 57 Million Indians as part of canada goose jacket outlet their enforced taxation regime 4 times the number who died in China.

And official canada goose uk canada goose outlet why was China so far behind? Over a century of BRUTAL canada goose outlet online uk exploitation by America, UK, France, Dutch yup.

Oh and by the way under colonialism in China many times MORE buy canada goose jacket cheap died that under MAO canada goose outlet jackets reforms.

In layman terms:

This is the fun part of public key/private key encryption: certificates that expire. Trust is via walking up a chain of certificates up canada goose uk outlet to a «most canada goose outlet reviews trusted» certificate issuer and if any of the certs along that chain piloshop expire: it all falls in a heap. site A needs a cert, it relies on another cert to verify, which relies on another one. until you reach a certificate from Verisign or something. Essentially it the concept of vouching canada goose black friday sale canada goose outlet for someone else: if anyone is found out to be not safe: anyone they vouch Canada Goose Online for is also unsafe.

So what probably happened (without checking) is one of the higher up certs the govt used expired that all the individual sites use.

Either that or they refresh all the certs at the same Canada Goose Parka sort of time and someone missed that the expiry date was coming up. a breach or something is cracked).

This goose outlet canada is Canada Goose Coats On Sale why security is one of those chores in the tech world that techies put off canada goose outlet in usa until the end of a project to cheap Canada Goose worry about.

into_galactic 2 points submitted 1 day ago

Whether he takes them with him or not is irrelevant. If the original canada goose outlet nyc post was about a Minister taking taxpayer funded items from Parliament then you would have a point but its a straw man at best.

Secondly, your other canada goose outlet sale straw man, if the tweet was about waste in parliament you may also have a point but its not.

Its specifically citing the payment of Hansard.

Its a total non issue and trying to make it only serves canada goose uk shop to discredit those who are raging about it.

Total non issue in absolutely every regard despite your best canada goose coats attempts to make one up uk canada goose outlet out of nowhere.

Mitch has serious issues canada goose factory sale to answer in regards canada goose outlet new york city to the NBN and his claims Labor stuffed it redirecting away from this issue to canada goose outlet store how he pays for Hansard is canada goose clearance sale by far a worse result than anything else.

Not everything needs to be a blood curdling outrage /u/nath1234 despite your conniptions.

into_galactic 105 points submitted canada goose 1 day ago

Howard turned Australia from being an egalitarian nation that believed in cheap canada goose uk a far go for all into FUCK YOU! canada goose outlet shop GOT MINE.

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