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Exciter «Unveiling the Wicked» (1986)On https://www.whhandbag.com the cover of the fourth album by these Canadian speed metalists, a woman peels off half of her face to reveal the «real» lizard like being beneath. Mind you, this image followed their Violence and Force debut, in which a woman’s bloodied hands were shown fighting off an attacker trying to break into her apartment, and Long Live the Loud, in which a naked chick knelt at the feet of a sword wielding Conan the Barbarian type dude. Hmmmm, got some issues with the ladies there, huh Exciter?? As for the comically awesome Unveiling the Wicked, the only thing I can guess is that someone in the band’s camp must’ve been a fan of the then current sci fi TV series «V.» I’m surprised that Warner Bros.

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