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Then they started to play again and still they play very good and my son enjoying the game and he did forward played for one of the goals. In the next exchange, he was on the ice again, he skated like I’ve never seen him before, «and then it happened » he chased another player to take the puck when a player of the other team made a little slashing at my son’s club and then took my son hold of his stick and made an slashing fared back but never saw where it hit, unfortunately he hit the other person in the stomach insted for the stick and the others fell naturally upon the ice. My son asked of course, apologized for what happened, but in the meantime started a parent up in the gallery of the other team screaming and called him «What a f ing idiot,» I do not think my son heard it, but I and my wife and my son grandfather and a few others..

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