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2 points submitted 1 year agoYes if that is the address where the Administrative people work and where the School has identified to VA as their address Satellite canada goose outlet official campus have to meet certain conditions and have the same admin such as records keeping/financial aid office, etc at that location to be declared a separate facility for VA to canada goose discount uk use that location to pay that zip code BAH rate I work at a University with several satellite campus and that is what we were told by VA.ricog04 1 point submitted 1 year agoim going down canada goose outlet hong kong that path right now in the SF bay area. I used my GI bill to get an AS in fire science and i used Voc Rehab to pay for paramedic school (which i am currently still in). Ive heard being an EMT in so cal canada goose outlet canada is rough because canada goose outlet florida EMT are a dime a dozen and the unions for EMT suck (no different here up north). youll most likely start out making close to minimum wage, and then hopefully move into canada goose premium outlet a 911 job canada goose factory outlet vancouver and get paid around $20. its https://www.topparka.ca a very competitive market so being a vet is not enough to stand canada goose outlet toronto location out and get picked up by a fire dept in my opinion (which is why im in paramedic school). it helps to get involved with the FD youre trying to canada goose jacket outlet get into by volunteering at their events. toys for anchor tots, chili cook offs are a good way to get face time with the chief and other brass. In SF these events are almost mandatory to get picked up. score well on the department tests and a lot of canada goose jacket outlet uk departments will give you bonus points to help boost your score canada goose outlet los angeles for being a vet (in so cal i dunno how much that will help if theres tons of other vets also getting the bonus.). Everything in ems seems to be moving towards paramedics as being the standard of prehospital care. in most cases being a paramedic can help get you into a dept a lot faster. some consider it a «golden ticket» to canada goose outlet store quebec get in. either way its a tough route but it seems worth which is why im still grinding. hope this helps. hit me up if you have any other questions.ricog04 [score hidden] submitted 2 years agoi just got a new bike for christmas and am looking for all sorts of new gear. ive been looking at things on amazon but since im so new i wanted to hopefully get an insiders perspective about brands and proven products.im specifically looking for recommendations on cold weather gloves, pants, and shirts.i looked at the link above for light recommendations but i feel like a lot of those lights may be out of my price range. has anyone found a good deal on amazon or something?And the canada goose outlet mall last thing i would like to get is a bike rack for my car (i have a 2013 cadillac ats if that matters). i would like a trunk mount. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thank you.I had an accident at the gym and got canada goose outlet new york city an ambulance ride to a hospital that is coordinated with the VA. i told the ER i was a vet and gave them my card. canada goose outlet uk i got a bill from SFFD for the ride to the hospital.I didnt see the bill from the hospital but i did receive a letter from the canada goose outlet toronto address VA saying that all the charges were taken care of. A few months later i recieved official canada goose outlet another letter saying the ambulance ride was taken care of. a year later my hand looks great and it was taken care of.I also had an eye injury where i scratched my cornea. Went to the ER at canada goose jacket outlet store the VA in SF and they gave me some drugs and a numbing agent for my eye. it was all good within 2 days.The only problem i had with the VA was the bed side manner of a DR when i had to do follow ups for my hand. not really the VA fault canada goose shop uk the DR was an ass but it all worked out in the end. so far ive had 0 problems with the VA canada goose outlet in new york.

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