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Bay Area Recovering from Oil Spill

buy moncler jackets That oil spill in San Francisco has done more than foul a few beaches. It’s led to a fishing ban and delayed moncler outlet online the start of the Dungeness crab season. When he announced the fishing ban https://www.moncleroutletssale.com yesterday, Governor Schwarzenegger called the accident, quote, «an unbelievable human failure.» buy moncler jackets

moncler outlet store BRAND: From member station KQED, Marjorie Sun reports. moncler outlet store

moncler outlet sale SUN: Participants sat through four hours of sometimes tedious safety training. But an appearance by Gavin Newsom delighted volunteers like Paula Galvis(ph). She’s from South San Jose and a case worker for foster children. moncler outlet sale

moncler outlet online PAULA ELVIS: Today is my day off. I cheap moncler jackets sale thought this would be a good way to spend my birthday help out the community. And plus, I got to see Gavin Newsom, the mayor, so well worth it. moncler outlet online

moncler sale SUN: State Fish and Game official Bob Ford(ph) cheap moncler coats explained the reasons for extensive safety training. moncler sale

BOB FORD: The whole really idea with the oil is we don’t want it to touch the skin. If it gets on the skin with this kind of oil, some people might have a little dermatitis to it, some reddening of the skin.

SUN: So volunteers were issued disposable white hazmat suits, booties and two layers of rubber gloves. After a free lunch of Chinese takeout, volunteers finally climbed onto buses, which shuttled them down the road to Ocean Beach. It’s a three moncler sale outlet and a half mile long stretch of shoreline beloved by San Franciscans and known for its strong currents and surf.

moncler mens jackets SUN: One of the volunteers is Ian McClain(ph), a remodeling contractor from Bernal Heights in the city. He says he didn’t moncler jackets outlet know what to expect. moncler mens jackets

IAN MCCLAIN: So I was picturing like pancake size pieces of tar and, I don’t know, let’s see. I don’t know.

SUN: The beach seems pretty clean. Contractors hired by the shipping company spent the weekend mopping up the spill, but McClain moncler jacket sale says on closer inspection, there’s still a lot more little globules to clean up.

MCCLAIN: Anywhere from the size of a dime to a silver dollar or something.

SUN: Nearby, volunteer Paul Irving(ph) traverses the beach back and forth, staring at the smooth sand, searching for more tar balls.

PAUL IRVING: And I’m just going from pretty much the water’s edge up to the high tide mark and turned around, moncler sale go back again, just slowly moving down the beach.

SUN: For NPR News, I’m Marjorie Sun in San Francisco.

CHADWICK: Gary, welcome to DAY TO DAY.

cheap moncler jackets GARY SHIGENAKA: Thank you, Alex. Glad to be here. cheap moncler jackets

CHADWICK: You’ve been studying the health and environmental impacts of oil spills for quite some time. Yes?

moncler outlet SHIGENAKA: Yeah, for almost 20 years. moncler outlet

CHADWICK: And tell me, what is it that is dangerous cheap moncler jackets about this particular kind of oil? It’s called bunker fuel, and it’s what ships use for their own engines. They’re not transporting this to someplace else. This is ship fuel.

SHIGENAKA: That’s correct. It’s a containership that’s spilled the fuel in San Francisco Bay, and it was carrying what we call an IFO 380 Intermediate Fuel Oil. It’s a heavy product. We worry about it in the environment because it’s very thick, and viscous, and sticky.

cheap moncler coats CHADWICK: But I’ve read, anyway, that there are toxic elements in this. What’s toxic in there? And how much of it is toxic? And is it dangerous if you moncler outlet sale encounter a globule of it on the beach? cheap moncler coats

SHIGENAKA: It is toxic in the sense that if you expose marine organisms to it, things like birds and marine mammals, then it will cause harm Moncler Outlet because it’s mainly a sticky product that will adhere to their feathers and fur. And so in terms.

CHADWICK: Well, you know, I’m asking this actually because I see these pictures in the papers right after the spill has happened; the cleanup crews out on the beach, they’re always wearing these big white hazmat suits, right? And so you wonder, gosh, this stuff there must be something pretty bad in this. And what is it? And if someone just encountered it, what would happen?

cheap moncler SHIGENAKA: Well, if you think about when you work on your car, for example, if anybody works on their car anymore, you get oil or grease on your hands. And if you leave it there, it can irritate your skin. So for this kind of a product, we’re worried about that kind of skin irritation. If you get it in your eyes, certainly it’s going to cause problems getting in your eyes. In terms of longer term impacts, a heavy product like this we don’t normally worry about, but we’re always worried about keeping workers and other folks who are working a spill like this safe from exposure. cheap moncler

moncler sale outlet CHADWICK: And what about the chemicals that you use to clean up these spills? moncler sale outlet

cheap moncler sale SHIGENAKA: I think as a matter of moncler factory outlet course we try to avoid introducing more chemicals into the environment during an oil spill. In the case of a very tenacious persistent layer of oil on the shoreline, we may try cheap moncler outlet to use chemical shoreline cleaners or additional materials to try to get it off the shoreline. But I would expect that that would be one of the moncler outlet uk final resorts that we would refer to in the field, because again, we try to use as innocuous a method as possible, mostly relying on manual labor and maybe a little bit of water flushing. cheap moncler sale

monlcer down jackets CHADWICK: So you have not used those chemicals yet on this latest spill in San Francisco and you’re you would wait, I guess, moncler outlet quite some time before you would use them. monlcer down jackets

cheap moncler outlet SHIGENAKA: That’s correct. To my knowledge, we have not employed any additional chemicals moncler outlet jackets on the shoreline cheap moncler outlet.

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