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canada goose You want a serious answer? Takes money to make money, the current system is canada goose store set Canada Goose Coats On Sale up in a self feeding loop that very hard to escape, the rich stay rich unless they do some cheap canada goose uk really canada goose uk shop dumb shit, the poor stay poor unless they manage to really excel.The statement that rich people worked hard for their money is often true(but it pretty damn easy to stay wealthy if you start wealthy). But a lot of poor people also work just as Canada Goose Parka hard if not harder but don make shit because a) they lack the starting capital b) they lack connections c) they lack the education.Owners of businesses are in Canada Goose Outlet a very strong position to buy canada goose jacket negotiate low salaries.For example, within a week, you could apply and receive 40 credit cards, get cash advances on all of them (there might be a waiting period, but it probably close to 3 months), apply and get personal unsecured loans for 5 10K each at each of the 4 major banks (not to mention regional banks), use it to get a down payment on a house, then put the uk canada goose outlet house up as collateral, not to mention opening a few dozen accounts with various trading Canada Goose Online firms using the new bank accounts, working on margin from them, plus payday lenders (never used them, but if it by store and not by company, you can hit 10 15 in a day and get 5K each) and friends and family.You can get around $100k 500k in a canadian goose jacket week canada goose coats using those tactics, but good luck keeping cheap Canada Goose track of all of the loans, advances and such. If you made money, even on the difference between canada goose factory sale loan interest and the growth, you could make 1 5K a week in profit, canada goose black friday sale consistently. Steel of the world.That doesn entirely dismiss your point Canada Goose online about lacking starting capital but it does severely impair it; because if you don have access to capital, then maybe Canada Goose Jackets look to create a business where that isn necessary if you not retarded that should be rather obvious. Unaffordable higher learning institutions aren gate keepers of education anymore. In essence, things are more democratized, and therefore, more merit based; the cream literally rises to the top. (The part about lacking connections isn even worth addressing, imo.)That canada goose uk black friday brings us to a fundamental idea people don want to acknowledge and/or discuss: What about the people who are literally not mentally capable of participating uk canada goose in an increasingly complex society, which explains their rapidly increasing wealth inequity. That reality. That the argument (real) Liberals needs to make in contrast to yourself up by your canada goose coats on sale bootstraps rhetoric from Conservatives. I sympathetic to the latter, but that a cruel position for many millions. That why I in favor of some sort of government sponsored job guarantee program. That the most reasonable argument I heard to address wealth inequity canada goose uk outlet with a legitimate government prescription; something private citizens almost certainly couldn organize.TL;DR: Democratization of knowledge and capital, and new world enterprises creates innovation (complexity) that disproportionately enriches the creators who are both intelligent and energetic, and which fucks the poor the stupid. Notice, I use the word instead of most of the time, that intentional. Nothing wrong with inequality; I not oppressed because Warren Buffett canada goose clearance sale has more skrilla than me. Inequity, canada goose clearance as in poverty, is the problem. If you concerned with poverty, I with you. People moan about shitty schools and lack of opportunity. But even in shitty schools there are good canada goose outlet sale teacher who will recognize a good student and help them along. There no rule that says you can get a good GPA at a lousy school and use that to attend a good state school then move up the ladder.It easier Canada Goose sale to get a good GPA at a bad school canada goose because there less competition.It easier to get into a good college from a bad School because colleges have quotas to fill.Having other people invest in your future helps a lot, but it not necessary.I going to disagree with you here. Yeah Kahn academy is great, but as it relates to learning most things, the guidance of a teacher that knows how to teach effectively is a much needed tool for most students. Compound the fact that those that don have access to quality education likely are light on resources such as technology, food, and buy canada goose jacket cheap many times rudimentary education from parents, the fact is many people miss out on equality of opportunity canada goose.

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