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The two men shake hands self consciously. Jose says the presenter. To my stall. They really pushed rock and pop audiences in an avant garde direction. They brought non mainstream sounds to a mainstream audience, rather than the other way around much like their namesake, Talking Heads.Radiohead’s evolution was extremely Beatles esque, both in terms of style and pace. The fact that they went from straightforward radio friendly alt rock on something like «The Bends» to abstract post rock on «Kid A» in only 6 years is crazy.They’ve also never stopped relentlessly pushing their sound The Bends, OK Computer, Kid A, In Rainbows and A Moon Shaped Pool are all extremely different albums that are (aruguably) all masterpieces.Modest Mouse is my favorite band ever, but Radiohead has more masterpiece level albums, at least to my ear.

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Ysl replica They claim that Major Iqbal of the ISI, who was David Coelman Headley’s handler in Pakistan, ysl heels opyum replica organised a condensed version of the Pakistan army’s two year training course on surveillance and counter intelligence.The course was prepared on the basis of the Indian Army’s training manual supplied by the Indian mole to the ISI.Headley, the mastermind behind the Mumbai terror attacks, along with the Lashkar e Tayiba, successfully mounted the attack that killed 166 people and wounded hundreds more. Iqbal boasted that he had obtained these files from the Indian police and army, which ‘revealed their training and limitations.’Levy believes that while the ISI’s source in India is unlikely to be from the army, it could be someone from the Indian security establishment other than the army.Iqbal boasted that they had ‘a super agent’ at work in New Delhi who was known as Honey Bee.In addition to Honey Bee, Levy also claims there were people in Mumbai codenamed ‘chuhas’ (mice) who supplemented information and added to the details Headley provided to the Lashkar to plan the terror attacks in Mumbai.»The LeT claims there were 10 collaborators working in Mumbai,» says Levy.The Ram Pradhan Commission of Inquiry, set up to probe the terror attacks, failed in its duty when it did not examine the ‘local element,’ Levy added. «The Pakistan side told me there exists Honey Bee and chuhas Ysl replica.

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