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«And that means it calls into question the value of letters he has written or might yet write for undergraduates or graduate students in our own department, which then harms the reputation of our students, and makes it difficult or impossible (or less attractive) for our students to work with him,» Kagan said in a follow up email elaborating on this point. «All of which makes it less useful (or worse) to have him as a colleague. Now much of this sort of damage gets done regardless of whether these charges against Thomas are true: it suffices that there is a pattern of behavior that makes them credible.».

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cheap canada goose That’s where I was 11 years ago today, during the tornado outbreak. The damage I had seen along Beaver Lake Road north of Buckhorn a week or so later, not only ended up providing me with more than five months work helping cottage owners clean up all of the downed trees and repairing their damaged buildings but it also pretty much turned me off «storm chasing» as well). The thunder is not so abundant now, but the sky is beginning to churn and the radar loop indicates that I still have time to scoot out a couple of kms eastward and take a few pictures of the leading edge of this storm cheap canada goose.

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