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Judges, including TV personality Bob Lacey and broadcaster Sheri Lynch, crowned 17 year old SweePee Rambo with a tiny blonde mohawk, claw like legs and one eye twice as large as the other the winner.Hundreds of people at the competition cheered on the blind Chinese Crested Chihuahua mix, as his owner, Jason Wurtz, burst into tears and shook a homemade sign that read Rambo for President 2016, according to the Press Democrat.This was SweePee and Wurtz third run at the $1,500 prize, and it finally paid off. The pair, originally from Encino, made the seven hour trek to the competition in a van teeming with fans and relatives. The award money will go towards removing a tumor from SweePee gums, the Press Democrat reported.PHOTOS: Amazing Shelter Animal StoriesSecond place came with a $200 prize, which was given to Josie, a pup whose nails were painted bright blue.

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wholesale replica designer handbags The lease would give the district 1.25 acres of land at the corner of Moncure Drive and Foster Road. The district would pay $1,500 $125 per acre per month for the space from Aug. 1, 2007 until July 31, 2008, according to the lease. But when it comes to seniority in the NBA, one year often is all it takes to become a veteran. Since Loughery was named coach June 17, 1991, there have been 18 coaching changes in the NBA. Because of the turnover, Loughery now has spent more time with his current team than 14 coaches in the 27 team league wholesale replica designer handbags.

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