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Sent it to him without no reply, and 2 days later I called Dell again, he told me that he saw the mail and would need to wait for a reply of his superior to agree for a technician to come to my house and fix it.Around 1 or 2 days later I called and he told me that he had green light and started the repair process, one week from that day I would be contacted by Dell to know to schedule a date.1 week had passe and he never replied back to any of my mails. A total of 8, starting by printscreens and videos, me asking when would someone come to repair, etc.I understood on that moment that Dell support was really, really bad but continued on having someone fix my computer so I contacted Dell via facebook because they seemed to answer everyone on the comments and that way I would have written proof that I asked for help and they would, or not, help me.Asked for a new computer or refund and they also refuse. In Portugal the consumer laws are very clear and they should have accepted my decision.They actually did help me but I had to insist on it every day.

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uk moncler outlet DC: There’s a really great company called Herbivore Botanicals. For your skin they make this great argan and rosehip oil. I stopped using moisturizer at night because I sweat a lot at night. Ryan can and will point to his signal achievement: the big tax cut bill. But for someone who staked his career on addressing the alarming growth of social welfare spending the chief driver of the deficit this was at best a hollow victory. In 2012, when the federal debt stood at $16 trillion, Ryan said: «We have a debt crisis right in front of us, and what brings down Empires past and future is debt.» Today the debt is more than $21 trillion and climbing uk moncler outlet.

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