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canada goose black friday sale Star Wars baby names

On our way home one night, my Canada Goose Online boys informed me of a few things. Apparently, Canada Goose Outlet they decided that when Canada Goose sale they canada goose uk outlet grow up and get married, they going to name their sons after Jango Fett and Boba canada goose clearance sale Fett.

canada goose deals Methinks all the Star Wars movies, video games, books, comic books and cartoons they obsessed over the years have made them believe Jango and Boba are completely suitable names to bestow upon their children.

buy canada goose jacket cheap I can see it now. I think Jango needs his canada goose black friday sale diaper changed again! Boba, sweetie, you have to eat all https://www.clevelandregionalmedicalcenter.com your beans before Nana can give you some ice cream.

canadian goose jacket I guess it pretty cool to have grandsons named after Mandalorian warriors and bounty hunters. I just canada goose uk black friday relieved that after growing up in a home with six children, they are still considering Canada Goose Parka having children of their own, period.

cheap Canada Goose I going canada goose coats on sale to take this as a sign that we are doing something right.

canada goose store That is too funny:) My husband and I have been trying for our third child for a couple of months now. Naturally we have talked to our other children about having a new baby. My daughter (6) is delighted. My son (4)however, said that the only way he would be happy is if we have a baby boy buy canada goose jacket and he can name him Yoda or Wall E. We recently found out that I am pregnant and we are trying to figure out how to break it to our son that we are not going to name the baby yoda or wall e should prove to be interesting:)

Canada Goose online Who knows? Maybe by then, there will be other Jango and Boba running around

canada goose I remember that when I was younger, I wanted to name my children after the most unusual bible names I could find (Azmaveth, Dasia, Obediah, Ariah, etc.). Many of my friends told me that they felt bad for my future children. Luckily, I realized that would not be a kind thing to do to my children, and have reserved those kinds of names as middle names (using none of the names I mentioned above, however). canada goose factory sale We expecting our baby sometime next week, and have names picked out for both a boy or a girl. I excited to see what the baby buy canada goose jacket cheap ends up being comment >

canada goose clearance sale Now, I do not have a son named after a Star Wars character (per se), but his name does have a strong link to the series. I am an avid fan, even now at 33 years old I love the movies and uk canada goose books. So when my wife suggested the name Lucas, I grabbed hold. I now have a beautiful little baby boy named (kind of) after George Lucas, as well as an obvious nod to Luke Skywalker. I can get away with it because the name came out of her mouth first! His middle name is Anthony, just in case anyone was worried that Canada Goose Jackets the name VADER made it in there somehow comment >

canada goose coats on sale I love Star Wars too. Neither of my boys have Star Wars inspired names though. With our second boy, it was close. Our ODS was 5 1/2 yrs old when I got pregnant with 2 and he desperately wanted us to name the new baby Luke. I didn want uk canada goose outlet to hear the I am your father bit for the rest of my second child life, so we were going to go with Luka as a nod to Star Wars. Then my friend had her canada goose store son 3 weeks before I had mine and she named her son Luka. cheap Canada Goose So Beau it was.

buy canada goose jacket If we have another boy, I definitely consider using Jedi as a middle name. We were discussing names one day and he told us very definitively that if he had a sister her name would be StinkyPants and if he had a brother his name would be TreeTrunk. A few weeks later when we found out he was having a brother, my dad canadian goose jacket teased him by asking I hear you are having a brother and his name is going to be TreeTrunk! To which my son told him, my brother is named Chubby Cheeks! It started off as a cute way to refer to the baby so all Canada Goose Coats On Sale through my pregnancy we called him Chubby Cheeks or just Cheeks.

Canada Goose Jackets My now 3yo son only answers to Cheeks. He knows he gets called by other names occasionally (mostly by the grandparents) but everyone, including his preschool teachers, call canada goose uk shop him Cheeks. I have to wonder when, if ever, he answer to what on his birth certificate. On the other hand, my older son is quite proud of his little brother (and TG it wasn TreeTrunk)!

canada goose clearance My husband and my first date was to the 1997 re release of Star Wars, and after he found out (about halfway through the movie) that I had never seen any of the Star Wars movies, it became his mission to show me the original and then take me to the re release of the next ones, so those canada goose sale were canada goose dates 2 canada goose clearance 6. We now joke that the March is our song.

Canada Goose sale Almost 14 years later, Baby 1 is on the way, and although Luke and Leia haven entered the name list, being sci fi geeks we did consider Jayne for a boy name (From Joss Whedon Firefly) It sounded scarily good w/ our last name, but for the sake of canada goose coats the child, crossed it off of the list just in case he didn end up w/ Daddy build. (Nobody would mess w/ a man named Jayne if he was 6 300lbs)

Canada Goose Parka But, on a Star Wars note, there will definitely be a Baby Yoda/ Daddy Vader Halloween costume Canada Goose online next Fall.

My Hubby is named Lucas after George Lucas and Luke Skywalker. That fine, it his parent fault not mine. He such a fan he tried to convince me to have a Star Wars wedding. There was no way I was getting married to him dressed in a Darth Vader costume wearing a Princess Leia Bikini!!!!

Thankfully he hasn picked out any Star Wars names for bubs yet, BUT he has picked out Ramona from the movie Scott Pilgrim vs the World. Sounded alright until I thought about it. Oh great, so my child nick name will be moaner.

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