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Have you spoken directly to you DL to find out what areas of opportunity you have? As a GA my SL basically ignored me for a year and a half. A new SL came in and I just bluntly asked, what do i still need to do to become an SGA and they laid out a plan for promotion. Since then I always just ask, what do i need to do yet and cruised through the other jobs.

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Today is the centenary of Indira Gandhi birth and you bound to read several assessments of her career and personality. Even 30 years after her death she bestrides our political horizon like a colossus. However, I don intend to inflict one more. Bobby Jindal, South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham and former New York Gov. George Pataki.

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Another officer from local crime branch, said, angle of robbery has, however, been ruled as valuables with the woman were found to be intact. Of the eye witnesses, Satyendra Sinha, who rushed Das to a nearby hospital with the help of some passerby, said, riding the bike near Kanbay chowk, I saw a couple having an argument and suddenly saw that the girl collapsed on the pavement. I stopped, the woman who was bleeding came near my bike, held my hand and pleaded for help saying me She felt unconscious near the bike.

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