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service at St. Mary Roman Catholic Church, 2640 Stoney Ridge Rd. The guest speaker will be the Rev. Warren Tropf, peace advo canada goose coats on sale cate of the East Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church. at Avon United Methodist Church, 37711 Detroit Rd., on Monday; Holy Trinity Catholic Church, 33601 Detroit Rd., on Tuesday, St. Mary Church on Wednesday; Christian Heritage Assembly of God, 36080 Chester Rd., on Thursday; and Faith Lutheran Church, Garden and Lakeland Drives, on Friday. Also during Peace Week the Avon Lions Club will acknowl edge the winners of the Peace Poster Contest in which area school children participated. The ministerial association requests the names of individu als participating in Operation Iraq REV. WARREN TROPF Desert Shield. The names will be called during the services so that local servicemen can be remembered by their neighbors. UCC clerics buy canada goose jacket urge peace AMHERST Fourteen local United Church of Christ clergy men have signed their names to a letter calling for peace and for the government to refrain from taking military action in the Middle East. Louis Bertoni and Paul THE JAY K. GUYER FAMILY N. Ridgeville minister gets to know his congregation NORTH RIDGEVILLE The Guyer family has been a vocal contributor to the Church of Christ, 35360 Chestnut Ridge Rd., since moving here in Aug. 1990. Jay K. Guyer, minister of the parish since Aug. 1990, is presi dent canada goose clearance of the Indiana based Guyer Brothers Quartet and occasion ally travels to his home state for practices and recording sessions. At their new church, he, his wife, Nancy, and their five chil dren, Alicia, Derek, Joel, Rache lle and Warren, blend their strong singing voices with the local congregation during wor ship services as a form of praise. «Come Worship» SACRAMENT OF HOLY COMMUNION YOU ARE Canada Goose Parka WELCOME HERE Pastors Dr. Arthur C. Frantos C. Doiloy The denomination is known for its practice of using only a capella singing in services. i Guyer previously had served other congregations, primarily in Indiana and Massachusetts, before accepting the post in North Ridgeville. He also did church work in Canada and Nigeria. Nancy Guyer is a special edu cation teacher with North Rid geville Schools. Their oldest son, Warren, is a student at Western Kentucky University. To become acquainted with the congregation, the Guyers have scheduled 30 minute visits with each family on its own turf. Chirch if Christ 11251. Kbit SUNDAY’S MESSAGES: MORNING SERVICES ITS MAM ft IAW M. DAVID WAUS «COMMUNION BAPTISM» Tint Strvkm far HmDr. onndto Victory 105 FN CHURCH OF THE OPEN DOOR I. Ill A RUMRfJ. Rohrbaugh, of Vermilion; Mar tha Boyer, Henry Bruner, Harry Buch, Jerry Kruse, and Richard Wolff, buy canada goose jacket cheap of Elyria; James G. Deitz and Joseph R. Foster, of Amherst; John D. Elder, of Oberlin; Robert Happel and Gary Stillwell, of Lorain; Leah F. Matthews, of Brownhelm and Jeffery Atwater of Wakeman. Saudi Arabia Churches can make plans for Christmas ’91 By TERRY MATTINGLY Scripps Howard News Service Attention church leaders: It isn’t too early to start making Christ mas plans for 1991. Yes, this word comes a year in advance. So clip canada goose outlet and file the following advice from the Rev. Lyle Schaller. His first piece of holiday information is obvious: increasing num bers of Americans feel stressed out and cynical at Christmas. Here’s his second piece of information: many Americans will turn to the church for help if churches create holiday programs that truly help modern people. «Most congregations say they want to reach out to new people, but don’t act like said Schaller, a United Methodist researcher who leads the Yokefellow Institute canada goose deals in Naperville, 111. «If you really try to invite the public, to tell people, ‘Come back to church this or ‘Welcome they’ll come. «But most churches actually see Christmas as an intimate, family affair for the folks who are already at the church. It’s their home coming service. They don’t want to dilute the mood with strangers.» No church, of course, would actually turn outsiders away. But Schaller said Canada Goose Outlet few churches let the needs of newcomers shape Christ mas canada goose clearance sale events. Truth is, the simple pleasures of Christmas are fading for many Americans because of problems that are easy to spot, but almost impossible to solve. Most families are now spread over the national map. Christmas reunions are becoming rare. In some cases, reunions are achieved through labors of love that leave bodies, spirits and wallets deplet ed. In other homes, different faiths have made it all but impossible to agree on how the season should be observed. In millions of homes Christmas rituals, reunions and travel schedules are complicated by an even more painful reality divorce. Schaller offered a few ideas on how to build Christmas programs to appeal to specific groups with special needs, such as unmarried adults, single parent families and the «blended families» that follow second marriages. «The key is Christmas Eve. If you’re serious about attracting new comers, you’re going to have to pour a lot of time and commit some funds to your Christmas Eve he said. «You’re also going to have to let the public know what you’re doing.» In general, churches should offer more services in which music and drama are linked to friendly presentations about Canada Goose sale future events. Churches must welcome the presence of visitors. for a wide audience, perhaps with special music for teens and young adults. In some cases, churches are linking this service with a follow up dinner for singles and single parents, with their children. Child care is a must. «I’ve seen cases where churches really promoted this service and the fellowship after, creating a kind of ‘mixer’ atmosphere with singing and a Christmas Schaller said. «Many single adults and the divorced need a place to call home, on Christmas Eve and even on Christmas Day. Some need a place they can take their chil dren.» As a canada goose black friday sale finale, a church can offer a full scale, very traditional candlelight service late at night for its most active members and those who are especially drawn to beautiful music and rituals. «This will all take a lot of Schaller admitted. «Some peo ple canada goose in the https://www.getcanadagooseoutlet.com church will have to work harder at Christmas to help reach out to people who are trying to escape the pressures of how our culture observes Christmas, these days. So be it.» NEW YORK (AP) Orthodox Judaism added a modern Canada Goose Jackets dimen sion to the observance of a fast day on Dec. 27, commemorating the siege of Jerusalem by the Babylonian overlord Nebuchad nezzar about canada goose store years ago. For the observance, the Rab binical Council of America included special canadian goose jacket Psalms and prayers to «help Israel at this time of crisis when Jerusalem is once again being besieged.» Rabbi Marc D. against Israel is cause for con sternation and he said. More than Orthodox rab bis of congregations across the country called for special prayers seeking God’s assis tance. NEW ORLEANS (AP) A New Testament professor says evangelicals may be «gaining political and numerical victories» but they are «losing the war of morality.» The Rev. Robert L. Thomas of The Master’s Seminary in Sun Valley, Calif., said about 40 mil AFTER CHRISTMAS SALE December 2Cth Janaary 12th CHRISTMAS COMPACT DISCS AND CASSETTES DISCOUNT CHRISTMAS BOOKS DISCOUNT Jl% ITEMS DISCOUNT.51% BOXED CTO1STMASCAMB. DISCOUNT. M% lion Americans call themselves evangelical Protestants and polls show commitment to Christ has risen from canada goose coats 60 percent of Americans in 1978 to 74 per cent in 1990. The Canada Goose online figures should mean «higher ethical standards» but instead the trend is the opposite, he said at a meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society. «We see legal abortion claim ing the lives of one million fetuses a year; a pornographic industry that annually brings in billion to billion and cheap Canada Goose is still on the increase; 18 million people addicted to alcohol and 28 million to drugs; homosexual CHURCH ORGANS Pre Owned SWUM j IIAiiRjOIIII ONLY CHURCH PIANOS ity, a thoroughly disapproved lif estyle 30 years ago, is now accepted, is legal and is increas ingly said. WASHINGTON (AP) «Aliens and Strangers No Lt tig a quotation from St. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, is the theme for the Roman Catholic observance of National Migra tion Week Jan. 7 12. American bishops designated the week to celebrate the church’s «multicultural dimen recognizing that immi grants, migrants, refugees and others on the move are a vital part of the church. ItytlRV J aa a 9934Kt2 XKMM79 SOUND SYSTEMS I Ural 1 1 1 AJt. Morning Sermon: «THE JEW: GOD’S PHOWTY PEOPIF IMAM. toning Senfct HUT im UBNT FOR ALL fiOSPEL GREATER CHRIST TEMPLE CHURCR.

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